Bringing Back Field Days

Not sure what kind of elementary school you went to, but back in Texas we had yearly Field Days at the end of the year. We lived for these days. First off, there were SNOW CONES. Second, you could win tokens to buy SNOW CONES. Third, there were ribbons for each event. Not just first place ribbons, but ribbons for every place. Sack races, balloon tosses, tug-of-war, etc. It was definitely my favorite date of the school year, which was saying a lot since I never really participated in many organized sports.

At Entertaining Adventure, although our specialty is scavenger hunting, we realize the same feeling of lightheartedness and fun can also take the form of an old school field day. Yes, the games are competitive--but a silly kind of competitive. Watching your co-workers, friends or family sticking Ritz Crackers and Easy Cheese onto their teammates covered in ponchos, you can't help but laugh.

Southern California is the perfect location because of the seasonal weather. We don't have to wait until June rolls around to make it happen. Year-round, we're able to put on a field day in the park of your choice.

As always, we have the most fun collaborating with you & creating an event that works with your needs. We're happy to customize the relays and games to fit with your desires--or let us create our own line up and surprise you!

Check out our field days & book one today!

Gift A Scavenger Hunt for the Holidays

If you're out of ideas for your employees, friends, family or significant other--buy a scavenger hunt gift card at Entertaining Adventure! We will create a custom hunt for the gift recipient for any available date within a year after purchase.

 This enables your loved one to create a hunt of their choice. They choose the date, the time, the neighborhood (anywhere within 60 miles of L.A.). They can host a hunt for their next birthday party, use it for their child's next party or to provide a team-building event at their company. They can use it for something as intimate as an over-the-top date night, or a way to entertain their out-of-town guests. 

Contact us  via e-mail for the different Gift Card options. We have different price levels to meet your needs!


Why Scavenger Hunts?

When I tell people I have a scavenger hunt business, I either get a blank look of confusion or a "that must be so fun!" response.  I have taught drama for the past 15 years or so, and I get the same look when I tell people about that line of work.  Both endeavors have the same ingredients: creativity, problem-solving, socializing and building community.  In a world where we can have a fairly successful and meaningful day without leaving our desks, phones or computers, I like leading activities that force us away from all of those things.  I am the most introverted, computer-loving person out there, so in a way these businesses keep me connected.  

I signed up for a scavenger hunt in Los Angeles over 10 years ago, and I had so much fun.  We didn't come close to winning, but I loved the spirit of it.  I loved discovering new parts of the city, laughing and arguing with my race partner, running around town, riding the metro & enjoying a beer after it was all over--talking to others about different challenges and clues along the way.  I looked around and everyone else seemed to be having a good time, too.  I've been into running races for so long, but this was something different.  Instead of running past murals, monuments, and historical landmarks--we actually had to FIND these things and take photos of them.  

After awhile, I started forcing my friends to complete scavenger hunts on my birthday.  I realized after a few events that maybe I should give them a break & see if anyone else wanted or needed the service.  Basically my business plan was, "Well, I love scavenger hunts so much, obviously other people will too!"

It is so much fun doing what I love.  The hunts themselves are a blast, but there are two favorite moments I have during the process: exploring neighborhoods for clue locations and sitting at home brainstorming creative clues that will lead people to these locations.  

My new goal is to create hunts in so many L.A. neighborhoods, that before long--I will have mapped out the entire county in clues.  Hunts have taken me to Culver City, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood, Playa Vista, Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Simi Valley, Encino, Mid-City, Hollywood, etc.  These hunts are definitely my love letter to Southern California, and I can't wait to fill in more of the map this coming year. 




Scavenger Hunting Public Art in Los Angeles

Our scavenger hunts are about the journey.  In a city as large and sprawling as Los Angeles, we have no time for this.  We are focus primarily on getting to our destination--What will traffic be like?  What route will I take?  Is there parking?  Although our events are largely "city" hunts, we provide the experience of exploring a neighborhood in depth and from a fresh perspective.    

We've spent years looking for fresh clues, and the best ones always connect to a neighborhood's public art.  These are sculptures, murals, etc that you have passed by probably dozens of times without even noticing.  It's been fun to unpack the history that they hold & incorporate them into our hunts.  The following website has been such a resource for us, and I encourage you to check it out and go on a public art hunt of your own:   Public Art in LA.

We're currently working on our Instagram hunt, which will encourage you to solve clues and explore public art in neighborhoods around Los Angeles.  Please follow us on instagram at entertainingadventure to be included in the adventure (or just to see awesome photos of Los Angeles). 



CicLAvia: Culver City to Venice Sunday, August 9th

One of my favorite Los Angeles events, CicLAvia, is going through our home base in Culver City all the way to Venice Beach in a week.  If you are free or in town during one of the Sundays they produce this event, I highly encourage you, your family and your friends to participate. 

Our Entertaining Adventure hunts are usually limited to on-foot, on-sidewalk adventures, but at CicLAvia, six or so miles of Los Angeles roads are open only to cyclists and pedestrians.  Anytime you can see the city from a new perspective, I highly recommend it.  There is something freeing about riding on a busy L.A. street in the MIDDLE of the street.  It is so rebellious! 

Looks like the route will take you through Downtown Culver City, so you must grab lunch at  Chop Daddy's--it's just opened up in Downtown Culver, and as a Texan, I'm partial to a BBQ joint.  You can get yourself a sandwich and eat it at the lovely Culver City City Hall.  Its Mediterranean style architecture & calming fountains provide a great view, and there are plenty of benches in the courtyard to eat a quick lunch.  On your way to Venice, be sure and stop along Abbott Kinney.  Limited parking is what usually keeps me out of this hood, but hey--you're walking, skateboarding or on your bike, so no excuses!  You're probably going to be HOT by this point, so why not stop by Lemonade--right along the route at Abbott Kinney and Venice--and reward yourself with a fancy $3 freshly squeezed lemonade.  And though it's not ON the route, you are too close to the Venice Canals not to pay them a visit.  

I'll be out on my bike!  Hope to see you there.  If your friends are cyclists, Entertaining Adventure is excited to plan your next cycling hunt through the city--just contact us.        

Hidden Gems Spotlight: Playa Vista Putting Green

I've never spent much time in Playa Vista.  Actually, I've spent more time in the Home Depot in Playa Vista than exploring the emerging community.  To be honest, the massive apartment developments left me feeling a little dead inside.  At Entertaining Adventure, we crave history, public art and quirkiness in our hunts.  Pre-planned communities never seemed like the perfect fit, until we actually started exploring. 

One of our favorite finds is the putting green at Crescent Park (Playa Links Putting Green).  The narrow park, about two blocks in length, is a perfect way to spend an afternoon working on your putt.  We don't have much miniature golf going on in the L.A. area, but this is the next best FREE thing.  No crowds, free near-by parking and umbrella covered tables provide a perfect space to spend a quiet afternoon with friends or family.


Hidden Gems Spotlight: Downtown Culver City Zoetropes

Scavenger hunts are the perfect opportunity to discover hidden gems of Los Angeles, whether it's public art or a new bike rental center.  Creating clues is our favorite part of the job because we are making new discoveries every day. 

This blog will reveal some of our favorite spots throughout the city as we discover them, and it will also be home to Clues For You, hopefully getting you off of your computer or phone and out into L.A. to find some treasures yourself! 

Downtown Culver City has been a personal favorite for us long before our scavenger hunt business began.  We love the movie-making history that makes it one-of-a-kind and more than just a nice retail area.  Wizard of Oz was filmed here!  John Wayne owned a bar!  It can't get more old school Hollywood. 

The public art in Culver City is reason enough for hanging out for an afternoon.  My favorites are the seven unique zoetropes by Wick Alexander and Robin Brailsford.  Each spinning cylinder tells a story through animation, and they all pay homage to Culver City's film studio history.  These aren't easy to find, but when you find one--take a spin and add a little unexpected fun to your day.    

Head out to Culver City, park for free (2 hours) in the public parking lots and take a zoetrope for a spin!  Even better, go between 4 and 7 and  hit Kay'n Dave's happy hour--$3.00 margaritas.