We curate a series of engaging games for your event. Whether you are looking for an outdoor movement-based Olympic Games, or an indoor Game Show experience, we can provide the games you need to keep your guests entertained. We provide all materials and facilitation necessary, so you can sit back and relax.

Location:  These GAMES can take place at local parks convenient to your neighborhood or office, in and around your own home/office, or RENTED/RESERVED SPACES. WHILE WE DOn’T PROVIDE A SPACE FOR YOU, WE CAN RECOMMEND SPOTS.

Age:  Our hunts are fun for all ages! GAMES WILL BE CHOSEN THAT FITS YOUR AGE GROUP.

Length of EVENT: 60-90 minutes or can be customized to fit your needs.

If you're looking at booking a larger event (100+), please submit a request for our larger scale team-building events.

Basics Package



We will provide you with 1 staff member lead a 60 minute series of indoor/outdoor games for up to 20 guests. We will work with you in advance to create a list of curated games that works best for your group! Game possibilities include life-size billiards, sack races and ping pong bingo! Indoor games include Family Feud, Celebrity and Movie Pantomime.


Perks Package



This is our most popular package and best value! In addition to everything in the Basics Package, we will provide you with at least 2 staff members to lead the event AND extend the event to 90 minutes for up to 30 guests. With two facilitators, the games run more smoothly without lag time in between.


Premium Package



You will receive everything in the Perks Package in addition to at least 3 staff members supervising the event. This means that multiple games can be happening at the same time, which is ideal for larger parties up to 30 guests.


Team Building



If you have between 30-100 guests, we have developed a special team-building package of games for your event! Because events vary so much based on size and scope, we will give you a price quote once we have more information about your event.