• Participants break up into teams.  We can do this for you, or you can have teams ready on race day.  For the best experience, we recommend teams of 4-8 people.  For added fun, you can create team colors or have your team wear similar t-shirts, headbands, bandanas, etc. 

  • Our staff goes over the rules of the game and passes out all needed materials.  

  • Teams are each given the same clue sheet, but they will be starting on a different number clue.  Teams will have a similar experience, but they will not be heading to the same location at the same time. 

  • This is a PHOTO HUNT, so most clues require teams to find an address, establishment, restaurant, public art piece & must take a photo of their team in that location as proof. 

  • Every clue is different and tailored to the age of the participants, but there are a variety of:  trivia clues, word scrambles, historical clues, math-based clues, pop-culture clues, etc.  We can even tailor these to your event's needs. 

  • For most of our packages, there is at least one Amazing-Race style "task" teammates must complete in addition to the photos taken.  This can range from a puzzle to a baby food eating contest!

  • When teams have finished all clues (or the designated ending time arrives) they will head back to the ending location.  This could be a restaurant or other open area where we all can gather. 

  • Our staff will be there to check photos and make notes about who gets 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.  If you aren't the competitive type, we can end with teams searching for their group's treasure OR have teams race against the clock. 

  • Awards!  For added cost, we can provide custom medals for all participants.  Or you can provide your own party favors/awards for the finishers.  Our staff is happy to lead this "closing ceremony."

  • After the race, we will email you all the photos taken during the hunt.  You can share these as you wish!