Entertaining Adventure's large scale (100+) team building events aim to provide each participant (from the willing to the more hesitant) a satisfying and memorable experience. We’ve discovered that larger events mean more than just more staff or more activities. We custom design your time with us so that every player is engaged at each step in the process. Our staff has 10+ years experience leading team-building experiences for classrooms, campers, universities, churches, non-profits and corporations. All events can fit within your given time, whether it’s only 90 minutes or a full day of fun. There are three options listed below, but we can also combine or do a mix and max offering.

Submit your request and within 24 hours, we will get back to you with a price quote. We look forward to creating a fun and successful event for you.   

Scavenger Hunt



Olympic Game Day



Game Show Games


Participants are given a clue sheet leading their teams around a playing area. Teams must solve clues, take photos of all correct answers and return to the home base to finish. We mix team-building tasks in (puzzles, challenges, relays, etc) to take the scavenger hunt to another level! All our events are customized, from your desired race route to the mode of transportation on the race.

Clues asks participants to pose for a photo in a certain way at a specific location (example: the team hanging on the Santa Monica rings, a before/after photo at Sephora, etc). These photos and tasks require players to work collaboratively while also having a good laugh! All photos are shared to your organization, so you will have memories to take with you!


 Maybe your team didn’t officially qualify for the Olympics this year, but this set of outdoor games is the next best thing. You get to be outside (parks and beaches are our typical location) and moving! We will lead your team through fun physical and mental challenges—nothing too demanding or dangerous—that will have them laughing while getting their competitive spirit going. We change our games frequently and work with you to come up with the best game play for your group. Examples include: Lifesize Soccer Billiards, Ultimate Catapult and Ping Pong Bingo.


A great indoor alternative to our other events, Game Show Games involve tournaments composed of a series of inventive and creative games that will have your team engaged and laughing throughout. We can hold Game Days in your large meeting space or collaborate with a another nearby space to provide you with an engaging event your team will not forget!  Our games are along the lines of "Minute to Win It" or "Hollywood Game Night" and will be personalized to fit the needs of your event. Examples of games include: Celebrity, Movie Pantomime and Family Feud.  


Below are a selection of organizations and businesses that hired us to create custom team building for their events and employees.  We look forward to adding you to the list!