Hunts To-Go

Save on costs while still enjoying a high quality experience.  With this online option, we e-mail you all the materials you need to host your own photo scavenger hunt.  All you need to is a camera for each team (or smart phones if they have them), and you’re ready to go! 

Each e-mail package includes:

  • Initial email consult to customize your event:  We will gather details about the event (custom name, starting/ending point, any details we can add to make the clue sheet one-of-a-kind). 

  • Clue Sheet:  We will email you the official clue sheet, which you can print and hand out to each team of players. 

  • Rule Sheet:  You can read this out loud or give one to each team–details all the rules of the hunt.  Maps:  Maps marking the boundaries of the hunt. 

  • Answer Sheet:  Hold onto this, so someone at your event can look through pics to see which team got the most correct!  

Santa Monica Adventure



  This 90 minute photo hunt for Santa Monica (either the Pier, 3rd St Promenade, the new Tongva park-- or all three!) is one of our most popular hunts.  Ocean views, shopping districts and tons of public art makes Santa Monica the perfect location for your scavenger hunt. 


Culver City Clues



This walk-able hunt is located within the boundaries of Downtown Culver City.  This area is filled with movie-making history, beautiful architecture and lots of great restaurants to eat at after the hunt!     



Playa Vista Parks



Sunset Blvd Scavenger Hunt



Custom Location




If you're looking for a quieter hunt, head out to Playa Vista where there are several parks, a nature trail and even a putting green within walking distance of each other.  Ample free parking and picnic areas make this a great neighborhood for a hunt!   


Explore the history and the current hot spots of Hollywood with our Sunset Blvd hunt.  Famous hotels, restaurants and live music venues are all apart of this adventure. 


Don't see your location here?  Tell us where you would like to create your custom hunt, and we will develop clues!