Playa Vista

Hidden Gems Spotlight: Playa Vista Putting Green

I've never spent much time in Playa Vista.  Actually, I've spent more time in the Home Depot in Playa Vista than exploring the emerging community.  To be honest, the massive apartment developments left me feeling a little dead inside.  At Entertaining Adventure, we crave history, public art and quirkiness in our hunts.  Pre-planned communities never seemed like the perfect fit, until we actually started exploring. 

One of our favorite finds is the putting green at Crescent Park (Playa Links Putting Green).  The narrow park, about two blocks in length, is a perfect way to spend an afternoon working on your putt.  We don't have much miniature golf going on in the L.A. area, but this is the next best FREE thing.  No crowds, free near-by parking and umbrella covered tables provide a perfect space to spend a quiet afternoon with friends or family.