Scavenger Hunt Food Find: Best L.A. Tater Tot Award Goes To...

Food goes hand in hand with scavenger hunts.  Before you start, you need calories to fuel up.  After the race is over, you need a place to re-fuel, gather and talk about the adventure with everyone else.  So we're fans of highlighting the BEST food Los Angeles has to offer, and all of our recommendations are also awesome finish locations to a custom hunt we'll plan for you.  But enough of the self-promotion. 

As a kid growing up in Texas, tater tots were a special treat.  We would toss some frozen ones into the oven or stop by Sonic for our tot fix.  On a good day, we would bring out the deep fat fryer (OMG, we had one of those!!!)  Out in L.A., there are no Sonics (unless you wanna drive an hour, which we have), and I'm sure the L.A. fit crowd probably has placed a ban on deep fat fryers.  Being from Texas also requires that BBQ is another favorite of ours.  So when we recently stopped by Chop Daddy's(9552 Washington Blvd, Culver City), we walked in for the BBQ without expecting all the other tater-tot-tastic treats that were in store for us. 

First of all, there is FREE Pacman going on.  This is reason enough to become a regular.  Secondly, the menu is simple and to the point.  Also, they deliver.  The reason why we're writing this blog is to tell you to ORDER THE TATER TOTS.  They are the perfect amount of crispiness and salty goodness.  While we encourage healthy eating, everything in moderation.  ORDER THE TATER TOTS.  We could spend a whole additional blog talking about the dessert.  We ordered the "chocolate chip cookie," but what we got back were a dozen warm soft small cookies that blew our minds. 

We know, we know, it was supposed to be about the main course, but honestly--we will be visiting this joint every time we are in need of two amazing comfort foods: the tater tot and the warm chocolate chip cookie.  We'll stay for the Pacman.