Scavenger Hunting Public Art in Los Angeles

Our scavenger hunts are about the journey.  In a city as large and sprawling as Los Angeles, we have no time for this.  We are focus primarily on getting to our destination--What will traffic be like?  What route will I take?  Is there parking?  Although our events are largely "city" hunts, we provide the experience of exploring a neighborhood in depth and from a fresh perspective.    

We've spent years looking for fresh clues, and the best ones always connect to a neighborhood's public art.  These are sculptures, murals, etc that you have passed by probably dozens of times without even noticing.  It's been fun to unpack the history that they hold & incorporate them into our hunts.  The following website has been such a resource for us, and I encourage you to check it out and go on a public art hunt of your own:   Public Art in LA.

We're currently working on our Instagram hunt, which will encourage you to solve clues and explore public art in neighborhoods around Los Angeles.  Please follow us on instagram at entertainingadventure to be included in the adventure (or just to see awesome photos of Los Angeles).