These high-energy scavenger hunts, which can be held anywhere in and around Los Angeles County, have guests in teams solving clues leading them from one location to another. Clues can take the form of word puzzles, trivia, math problems & interactive tasks. Read the packages below & submit your request. We will get back to you within 24 hours to customize your party needs.

Location:  These challenges can take place at local parks convenient to your neighborhood, in and around your own home, or neighborhood shopping areas (Third St Promenade, Downtown Culver City, etc).

Age:  Our hunts are fun for all ages!  For all guests under 18, you must provide adult supervision for each team on the hunt.  *On our premium package, our employees can serve as team leaders.

Length of adventure: 90 minutes or can be customized to fit your needs. For kids under 8, we offer a 60 minute version of the same event (to better fit their shorter attention spans).

These party packages are best suited to events for less than 30 participants.  If you're looking at booking a larger event, please submit a request for our larger scale team-building events.

Basics Package



You will choose from one of the following locations:  Downtown Culver City, Santa Monica (Pier, Promenade, Main St.), Westwood, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach Pier, Lake Balboa, Sunset Blvd, Hollywood & Highland, Playa Vista, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena. These have been our most popular and successful locations. We will be adding more to this list soon!

Once you’ve chosen a location, the fun begins.  We will provide you with 1 staff member lead the 90 minute event (from gathering everyone, explaining the rules, to judging and announcing winners at the end).  You will receive clue sheets for every team (with a custom name for your event).  Every team will receive a camera, rules, clipboard, map–everything necessary to complete the hunt.  Once the event is over, you will receive all the digital photos teams took during the hunt.


Perks Package



You can choose a custom location (from the list above or one of your own choosing–even your own neighborhood!) for your photo hunt.  Our team will work in advance to develop a custom clue sheet for this course.

In addition to everything in the Basics Package, we will provide you with at least 2 staff members to lead the event and include a fun “task clue” where teams have to find a staff member and complete an Amazing-Race type task before moving on.


Premium Package



You will receive everything in the Perks Package in addition to at least 3 staff members supervising the event and 2 “task clues” to mix up the hunt and create a more varied feel to the event. Our staff members can be utilized in a variety of ways to fit your needs—from serving as team leaders for younger participants to acting as hidden/interactive clues along the way.